BPAY is a payment system offered by all major Australian banks; it allows customers to pay over 16,000 bills by phone or Internet 24 hours a day.

BPAY is now over 11 years old and arguably is the number one choice for most people for paying regular bills.

You can also schedule payments for a later date and choose the account you to pay from, i.e. cheque, savings. It’s really easy to use and takes minutes to learn and you can pay just about all of your bills in one go. Simple!

To Pay Bills online or over the phone with BPAY follow these simple steps

Register for Internet or Phone banking with your financial institution, if you haven’t already.

Find contact details for your financial institution Click Here

Look for the distinctive BPAY logo on your bills.

Log on to your Internet banking site or call your phone banking service.

Find contact details Click Here

Select the BPAY or bill payment option and follow the simple instructions. Wait for confirmation and record your receipt number.

To Pay more than one bill simply repeat the process as many times as you need.

Why accept BPAY?

BPAY is a secure convenient alternative to credit card payments and direct bank deposits. Customers pay using their bank account.

It’s well known that more people have bank accounts than credit cards and most businesses don’t have a company credit card so need to pay by cheque or direct deposit.

One of the biggest problems with direct deposit is it’s almost impossible to work out who the payment came from. If you sell lots of items for similar prices identifying a deposit from your statement can become a time consuming problem and no way exists to automate this process.

Accepting payment by credit cards is expensive and can be risky with online fraud increasing and people making purchases using stolen credit cards. Frequently, by the time you are advised that the payment was fraudulent, the goods have already been sent and you lose money.

BPAY with HowToPay.com is the answer 

Your customers log in to their online banking or telephone banking. They enter your Biller Code and an Invoice or Account number and amount to pay.

After they submit they receive a receipt number from the bank and clear funds are transferred and you receive notice of the payment by either email, FTP or Online Statement. 

You know WHO paid you and How Much

The cleared funds are deposited into any Australian bank account within 48 hours! 

The fraud rate on such transactions is eliminated by removing the use of credit cards completely. More people have the ability to pay via BPAY than credit card and the customer is not required to give out personal information such as a credit card number or bank account details. It really is a win-win.

You get your money and only pay a small transaction fee of less than $1. NEVER PAY PERCENTAGE FEES TO A CREDIT CARD COMPANY AGAIN! 

Can I sell online with BPAY?

YES 100% and this is the best bit. Most of our sellers have high value goods or regular bills they send customers to be paid.

Even eBay sellers use us to accept payments for goods sold online. It’s safe for customers as they don’t have to give credit card details out to a stranger and safe for the seller as they don’t have to worry the credit card maybe stolen.

HowToPay offers a complete online shop which allows you to sell goods online. The process is really simple.

  • You list the goods online for sale
  • Customers purchase the items and checkout as normal
  • Goods are held in the shop pending payment
  • Select the BPAY or bill payment option and follow the simple instructions
  • Customers get an invoice requesting payment to be made within 3 working days, with full BPAY details included
  • Customer makes payment using online banking or telephone banking
  • Your shop checks every hour for payments and when a payment is received the system changes the purchase to paid and emails you the details of the completed transaction
  • Cleared funds are available in your bank account within 48 hours of the payment being made by the customer

How does the BPay Check digit system work?

All BPay Customer Reference Numbers utilise a special check digit at the end of the customer number. This check digit is a protection mechanism which stops customers from entering the incorrect customer number and paying another customer’s account. The customer's Internet banking will stop them from proceeding with the incorrect account number.

The check digit uses a special mathematical formula known as Base 10. It is based on a special sum of the previous numbers in the Customer Reference Number.

How do I create the BPay MOD 10 Check Digit?

For this example, we will use the customer reference number 12345678912. Starting from the left side of the bar code, add together every other digit, ignoring the check digit.

Add the first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh digits: 1+3+5+7+9+2=27
Multiply the result from step 1 by 3: 1+3+5+7+9+2 = 27
Add together the remaining digits. Add the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth digits: 2+4+6+8+1 = 21
Add the results of steps 2 and 3: 81+21 = 102
Find the number which, when added to the result from step 4, will generate a number that is evenly divisible by 10: 102 + n = 110 (n = 8)

The number 8 is the mod10 check digit for this arrangement of digits. Therefore the customer reference number should be displayed as 123456789128

Can my internal systems automatically generate this check digit?

Many systems can be programmed to automatically generate the Customer Reference Number with the check digit included on your customer invoices and correspondence.

You will need to check with your systems administrator / programmer if this is possible.

What options do I have if I cannot generate the check digit?

If you are unable to generate this automatically we can supply a special spreadsheet where you can enter the customer reference number. The spreadsheet will provide you with the complete Customer Reference Number including check digit.

You can manually enter this new Customer Reference Number with the check digit to your customer correspondence.

If you would like HowToPay to generate the BPAY check digit for you, please see the section of our website "HowToPay Secure Payment Page"