We are a BPAY Master Biller and offer use of our biller code for smaller merchants. Larger Merchants can get their own 6 digit Biller code and will be searchable by the list of available merchants on the www.BPAY.com.au website. An additional application fee applies for this service.

That's the best bit we don't charge any monthly fee for additional software or access. The only other fee in addition to your transaction charges is a small $10 per month service fee if you have your own BPAY biller code. If you share ours there is no monthly fee.

No, we don't require a credit check on any Registered Australian Business with a valid and current ABN and Australian Bank account.

Free if you use our "Secure Payment Page" or share our BPAY Biller Code. While the major banks charge $1800 or more we only charge $99 per new merchant if you want your own biller code.

Fees are billed to you normally and deducted via direct debit from your HowToPay account.

Yes we provide extensive and easy to use online reporting from our website. Also you can receive the daily reports free by email or FTP.

Yes, this is quick, easy and FREE

No nothing changes. You can keep your existing customer numbers and check digit process unchanged. Your clients will not notice any difference at all. You simply will receive your daily reports from HowToPay and the money will be deposited daily into your selected bank account.

Our parent company How To Pay Pty Ltd is a Commonwealth Bank Master Biller providing this service to you. The reporting and service we provide is not available from any Australian bank.

No this is strictly against the BPAY rules.

No, the funds go direct from the Client to the Merchant bank account. How To Pay Pty Ltd at no time holds your funds in our business bank account. This part of the processing is done by our Bank on our behalf for your security.

We can have your biller code ready to accept payments within 10 working days but often less. If you are using our Secure Online payment page or sharing our Biller Code, you can be up and running within 24 hours!

Yes any Australian bank would be able to port a BPAY Biller Code so long as they already provide BPAY merchant services. This process normally takes 48 hours depending on your bank.

Risk of credit card fraud is removed as no credit card is used for BPAY transactions. No chance of stolen credit cards being used and no risk of clients requesting charge backs for Internet and or non in person transactions. 

Our sister company had to stop selling laptops online for a time due to a high amount of stolen credit cards being used to purchase goods. After converting to a BPAY only model for all non in person transactions the company has had no fraud and currently sells over $500,000 per month in goods. Many more customers feel safer to deal with a company that can offer goods with an Invoice and customer initiated payment such as BPAY.

Every BPAY Biller has two numbers (1) A Biller Code and (2) Client Reference Number. The last digit of the client reference number is what's called a check digit. It's a number that's calculated from the other numbers using a pattern. The purpose of this is to check if the client has entered a correct number.

While many business customers already have an invoicing system or some form of Invoice or Customer number most don't use a check digit. We can assist with a number of tools to make this easier for you. For customers familiar with Check Digit we prefer the 10v10 standard system. 

*Note customers that use our Online Secure Payment Page don't have to worry about this as we do it all for you.

Yes! This is something we do very well and know how to make very simple for you. From your online panel you can setup your invoices and upload spreadsheets of clients and information you wish to bill. We can either email them to you or directly to your clients. This is a free service and takes less than a minute to receive your completed invoices! Best part of this solution is that you will be notified of the invoices that are paid and outstanding daily.

That's easy! Our Setup Fees are much less than the banks. No bank offers a free invoicing service like ours. No bank offers daily email reporting of transactions. No Australian bank offers FTP reporting. No Australian bank offers an integrated Online Shop. Best of all Banks don't offer Secure Personalized Payment pages that support BPAY and credit cards all from the one simple to use page.