Secure Online Payment

HowToPay is very pleased to introduce our Secure Online Payment Page service. This is something many of our clients have been requesting and no provider has offered in the market.

The exciting thing about this product is from the one personalised online webpage your clients can securely pay you via BPAY and now via POST billpay at Australia Post Offices.

HowToPay is the first company in Australia to combine all payment methods into one simple to use service. In fact, you don't need to integrate with our systems at all if you are using this page.

POST billpay gives your clients a Barcode that can be scanned at over 3000 Australia Post Office counters. Clients can then pay in cash and get a payment receipt directly from the counter. As with BPAY you get a report of all payments next morning. The fee for over the counter transactions is just $2.90 each with 0% on transactions. This option is great as there is no risk of charge back and or bounced cheques etc.

We have an example page at Click Here

You can get your payment page setup 100% FREE and it has no ongoing monthly costs. You simply pay only for the transactions you process. This page is 100% secure with an EV SSL and hosted in Sydney Australia with the latest in security measures taken. The website is fully PCI compliant with monthly external 3rd Party security scans.

It's so simple you only need to add the link to your own secure Online payment page from your website and or printed on your invoices etc.

As normal merchants receive a daily email with a report on all transactions received and funds are automatically deposited into the Bank account of your choice.

This is a fully automated process and we have already processed over $3.5+ million in transactions per year. 

Comment from our partner

More than 70% of our transactions are now using BPAY. For just $1 per transaction we get a fast cheap way to get paid 24/7. Payments are one way and triggered by the customers. Credit card charge backs become a thing of the past. There is 0% additional charge on the amounts being paid unlike credit cards.

How does the HowToPay Secure Payment Page work?

Each merchant is provided with a unique payment page. For example Telemates has Click Here
The following page is displayed which will include the merchant company logo.
The customer enters their details in the online form and presses submit The following response is sent.
The HowToPay system takes these details and creates unique b-pay and Australia Post codes.
The B-pay & Australia Post codes are entered into a personalised letter and emailed directly to the customer.
The following screenshot is the content of the email
The personalised letter attached to this email will look like the following screenshot

You will note the unique Customer Reference Number has been generated with the correct BPay format and instructions. A personalised POST billpay barcode is also included should the customer wish to make a payment over the Australia Post Office counter.

To Register for HowToPay Secure Payment Page Click Here