HowToPay can help your business get paid.

HowToPay can help your business get paid.

See how we can help you get more secure payments without the need for Credit Cards.

Need help processing online billing and payments?

HowToPay is the solution for eCommerce

Our extensive experience in ecommerce can keep you safer.

  • Send Payment Request Emails to clients requesting payment.
  • Meet KYC Requirements by collecting and verifying ID before the transaction.
  • Block IP’s from countries you don’t service.
  • Fully PCI DSS Compliant system with 3rd party external audits every 90 days.
  • Mature system operating since 2002.

Evolution of HowToPay?

HowToPay is an European regulated Billing Software, Payments and Secure Invoicing service provider.

HowToPay has over 15 years experience and provides a secure way to process payments globally. With payments and transactions worth millions already processed our systems are mature and stable and are constantly being improved.

Our ever popular "Payment Request" system allows merchants to send emails and / or SMS messages to their clients with Payment Request details allowing them to easily make payments. Our online simple reporting allows merchants to be alerted of payments and in addition receive email alerts. This is all done without the need to download any additional software like the banks require. HowToPay helps merchants identify clients and meet KYC and AML compliance requirements.

Businesses choose HowToPay to assist with Billing and Payment Processing software solutions and our experience in online ecommerce enables us to assist small and large business to receive payments.

In December 2019 was purchased by Confidia AG a licenced and regulated Financial Service provider in Switzerland. Confidia AG was established in 1971 for Asset Management and other financial services.

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