HowToPay can help your business get paid.

HowToPay can help your business get paid.

See how we can help you get more secure payments without the need for Credit Cards.

Your business needs to receive secure online payments

The Safest Way to Pay Online

Providing a way for people to make safe online and electronic payments.

  • Assist clients to keep details private and safe from fraud
  • Technical writing with perfect translation
  • Easy sending and receiving money using How To Pay
  • No credit card required

Evolution of HowToPay?

How To Pay is an Australian based company providing Billing Software, Payments and Invoicing support to small and large business globally.

How To Pay has become one of the most popular ways to process payments in Australia for over 15 years. With Millions worth of payments and transactions already processed it’s a mature and stable system constantly being improved.

Our ever Popular “Payment Request: system allows merchants to send Emails and SMS messages to clients with Payment details allowing them to easily make payments. Our online simple reporting allows merchants to be notified of payments and in addition receive email alerts. This is all done without the need to download any additional software like the Banks require.

Businesses turn to How To Pay to assist with Billing and Payment Processing software solutions. With our own experience in online Ecommerce we are able to assist small and large business receive payments.

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