Our Company

How To Pay Pty Ltd. (ABN: 43 109 303 335) was founded in 2002 in Sydney Australia.

What We Do

We provide reliable, easy to use and secure payment and billing solutions for Australian businesses. Our commitment to providing the highest level of service ensures that our solutions always incorporate the latest security and technology.

The Technology

Our Data Centre is located in Sydney Australia. We have developed software and secure Australian based servers to provide Billing and Payment solutions.

HowToPay has been assisting Small Businesses to access Secure Online and Offline Payment, Billing and Invoicing solutions since 2002 in partnership with a number of Australian Banks.

We specialise in Billing Systems, System integration and Online shopping carts that allow Small Business to have a range of options to accept Payments such as trusted solutions for payments.

We started out assisting Telecommunications / Internet and Telephone Services Providers with payment solutions other than Credit Card. From this start we have now expanded into supporting many other Online eCommerce businesses.

Credit Cards were never invented and or intended for use on the Internet. As such the level of fraud has become unacceptable for many businesses to accept. Alternative (Non-Credit Card) Payments is the larges and fastest growing industry on the International Payments market.

HowToPay assists small businesses to accept payments by more secure methods than Credit Card. Recent trends in Australia with an ageing population simply don’t trust handing over credit Card information to strangers. As such, to cater for this fast-growing market, HowToPay assists Small Businesses to accept Offline and/or via Payer initiated payments.

With the introduction of KYC (Know Your Customer) as a standard proactive we now assist Merchants to identify clients that they conduct business with online reducing fraud and meeting AML (Anti Money Laundering) obligations. Clients are asked to upload a copy of ID that’s manually checked by our staff to confirm the details match the information provided.

Keeping Data secure is key to the services we provide our customers. Documents can be uploaded to our secure servers to be encrypted and stored offline so that they can comply with Privacy and secure client data storage requirements.

HowToPay helps your small business to offer secure payment options to your clients. To do this directly with your Bank is expensive and time consuming. We make this process easy for any business owner, so they can meet modern PCI Compliance obligations.